Estate Planning

At Dabros Law, we have professionals that specialize in estate planning. We can assist clients with drafting and implementing legal documents related to their estates. Whether you need general estate administration or want help with estate planning, we have experienced estate lawyers in Ottawa that can help.

Our lawyers can work closely with you to review and understand your personal circumstances to recommend estate planning options that work for you and your finances. When planning your estate, there are many different things to consider. Our team can help you cover all bases and advise on all types of estate issues. Such as creating a will, establishing a trust, handling estate trustees, and more.

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Estate Litigation & Disputes

Estate litigation and estate disputes can be extremely difficult situations. The lawyers at Dabros Law can help settle estate disputes as efficiently and effectively as possible. There are many different sides to estate disputes, and it’s important to know your rights no matter what your position may be. At Dabros Law, we can help you understand your rights and how to enforce them when it comes to the following situations:

– Beneficiary rights
– Executor rights
– Will challenges
– Objecting to an appointed trustee
– Challenging joint assets
– Executor compensation

Duties Of An Estate Trustee

When an individual is appointed as an estate trustee, there can be many complicated steps involved in order to ensure the assets of the deceased’s estate are protected and handled appropriately. At Dabros law, we can provide professional advice from our estate lawyers to help guide you through the process. That being said, a few things you might expect to handle during this time, with or without legal assistance can include:

– Locating the will
– Funeral arrangements
– Paying taxes, bills and any other debts
– Arrange a meeting with the beneficiaries
– Probate the will
– Locating and collecting the estate assets
– Distributing the estate to those who are entitled to it

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Work With Expert Estate Lawyers

We understand that getting matters of the estate in order can be a large responsibility. Although it can be a difficult task, making sure that your assets and estate are distributed how you want is very important. An estate plan can help reduce the taxes and expenses of an estate and can make sure your beneficiaries and loved ones are protected.

The experts at Dabros Law can help. It’s extremely important to get matters of your estate in order. From the preparation of wills and trusts to the probate process and even the administration and distribution of the estate to the beneficiaries, our experts can help you every step of the way.

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